Netflix cancels supernatural teen drama series First Kill

Less than two months after it premiered on June 10

First Kill, while not a critical hit

which focused on black characters

What Netflix has to say about the cancellation of First Kill

Most Netflix hits didn't have the staying power

Historically, the ratio of viewership to cost has led to cancellations vs

10 TV was on the list, clocking 97.66 million hours in that time alone

First Kill picked up a huge fan base

There was virtually no reason to cancel the first kill

It was in the top 10 shows in over 80 countries for several weeks with a budget of $5.5

And gave a juice box and got 100 million viewing hours in return

When it was in the top 10, the series had been watched for approximately 53.4 million hours

Easily cleared the 100 [million] hours seen in 28 days