The New York Times reports that a statement from Dow representatives released on Facebook was false and is still alive.

 Its representatives have blamed earlier misinformation on the distraught condition of the Leave It to Beaver actor's wife.

 My wife and I are with him along with many friends who have com here. He has a fighting heart. ,

Los Angeles ABC reporter George Penacchio later posted on Facebook that Dow's wife, Lauren, mistakenly thought

And this word spread rapidly. Lauren admits she's being 'a little fuzzy' these days - makes sense.

She understands the miscommunication now and is sorry to create a ruckus at this challenging time. ,

She told me that she now feels 'stupid' about what has happened since news of her death broke out around the world.

He has been in hospice care at his home, and based on some health issues overnight, Lauren speculates that Tony had passed away near some people close to him.